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Dear Editor:
Wednesday, January 30, 2013 • Posted January 31, 2013

This letter is in response to the recent gun violence across our nation that has sparked opinions and emotions almost as frightening as the shootings. Google “government” and you will find many definitions. The simplest I’ve found is: Government is the way society decides to structure authority in order to advance the common good. Or, as Thomas Jefferson once said, “A wise and frugal government shall restrain men from injuring one another.”

It has long been policy that firearms are prohibited on public school grounds. Some legislators are proposing exceptions and want to arm teachers and have armed guards at schools. In time, someone will suggest higher fences with razor wire, fortress-like walls and few or no windows. Schools will need greater insurance coverage and more attorneys to handle inevitable lawsuits. The state will need more staff to regulate, control and oversee this new school system. Taxpayers will carry the financial burden in the form of higher taxes. Where will it end and how does this equate to less government, less spending? Is this how we want to live and how we want our children to live? The end result of this new system of teacher pistol packing in the greatest country in the world, land of the free and home of the brave condemns our children to public prison systems.

Reasonable citizens understand the second amendment is our right and secure from change or revocation. No one man, group, or organization can take that right from us. No president, military or government can swoop from the sky to confiscate our weapons. Our forefathers’ legacy is our constitution. Thanks to them we were endowed (given) with inalienable (naturally occurring, an entitlement, not to be taken away) rights. Our forefathers created a democracy to secure our United States.

In 1994, President Reagan enacted an assault weapons ban with 87% citizen approval. This ban expired in 2004. I support President Obama in his efforts to re-instate President Reagan’s ban on assault weapons. I encourage state and federal legislators to act quickly and decisively in support of our President with all nine of his weapons restriction controls. We must have controls for those who can’t or won’t live within the law and peaceful co-existence.

Whether in theaters, schools, malls, workplaces, front porches or backyards, we as citizens, must make every effort to allow all Americans their right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Failing passage of common sense restrictions, the only example we display to the world and teach our children is that we have no regard for the life of all Americans.

Gail Lang

Llano, TX

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